Pictures With Purpose

Images create connections and connections change the world.
Partnering with Capturely can bring world-class imagery within reach of your customers/members/students.

We believe all people, regardless of their economics, deserve a chance to be seen. In a world where poverty can marginalize you, our company felt it was necessary to use our God-given talents as professional photographers to do something about it. 

Our mission is to help people, regardless of their economics, receive personal imagery that provides visibility which leads to opportunity.

While our program has started small, our vision is BIG

Today we are helping local workforce development offices in California and Indiana identify job seekers who are at a disadvantage because they do not have professional imagery to effectively compete in a competitive job market. 

  • High School Seniors -  robbed of their graduation pictures.

  • College Seniors/Graduates - entering the workforce during the highest unemployment rate in history. 

  • Workforce Development - identifying job seekers already living in poverty. 

  • Veterans - transitioning to a civilian workforce after their service to our country.   

  • If your company is looking for a way to help right some wrongs created by the global pandemic let us know who needs help and should be on the list.

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