Capturely & The Headshot Truck Merge to Deliver the Ultimate Headshot Experience

Capturely is thrilled to announce they have acquired LA-based headshot company The Headshot Truck, an innovative mobile studio that travels around to Los Angeles communities providing headshots for actors. The merger comes after Capturely, looking to expand services offered to clients, was impressed with the Headshot Truck's notoriety and long list of assets, past clients, and influence for professional headshots in one of America's biggest markets, Los Angeles.

As the parent company, Capturely will integrate a full suite of corporate photography for those looking to humanize their brand on a larger scale. The Headshot Truck will continue to focus on providing the highest quality headshots to actors and business individuals. Together, these companies now offer full business photography on a national level.

"Capturely was searching to reduce our platform development time by acquiring a leading studio in Los Angeles with a long list of notable clients," says Rob Eyler, Capturely CEO. Under the new umbrella, The Headshot Truck will focus on individual clients, while Capturely highlights B2B and large-scale groups on a national level.

“These two companies coming together was a natural fit.” Brian Confer, the EVP of Corporate Development for Capturely. Capturely brings business professional clients into full focus while allowing The Headshot Truck to stay true to their established customer base of performers, entertainers, and individuals. Capturely's technology, innovation, reach, and infrastructure allows both brands to serve guests in new and exciting ways. We can’t wait to see what the future holds."

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