Make the Most of It!

Photographing your organization is a wonderful opportunity to create a narrative for your business. Here at Capturely, our team of specialists know exactly what to do to capture that je ne sais quoi so you can put your best foot forward. What's the key to harnessing that essence? It starts with you knowing your brand. Start by asking yourself these questions:

What is the motivation for this shoot?

What is your tone & voice?

What is your aim?

How will you be using these images?

What would you change about your old photos?

By taking the time to consider the answers to these questions, you bring us into the fold of your vision. The clearer you are on identifying the heartbeat of your company and where it lies, the easier it will be for us to detect the pulse and translate it into remarkable content.

How do we maximize our endgame and make sure you are getting the most out of your photoshoot? We find a few key elements ALWAYS add value to a photograph.

  • Be INTENTIONAL. Viewers are looking for things not to like about a space. Don't give them the chance! Stage your rooms to highlight your location's features. Disguise the flaws. Allow your clients to mentally move-in to your space. If they can picture signing that contract in your boardroom, purchasing that spa service or drinking coffee in that lobby, then half the battle is won.

  • The Power of PLANTS. Do not underestimate the power of greenery and floral arrangements in a room. Plants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress and boost your mood. It adds life to any office environment. It's a great idea to invest in a couple, movable pieces for your shoot. We recommend at least one floor plant and a table top arrangement.

  • PROP it up. To be efficient with time, a single space can be used for multiple business portraits. We recommend minimizing all clutter and mess so that our Photographer can work with a blank slate. Office props can create the feel of multiple locations in one. Props can be laptops, phones, papers, files, small decor items, different greenery/flowers, different desk chairs, etc.

  • CASTING the part. If you plan on having co-workers double as customers for motion shots, please have them bring separate wardrobe choices. Changing hair styles or adding an accessory, like glasses, is encouraged. It's always best when doubling up to have ambiguity in your casting. Viewers should not be able to tell that your assistant was also used as the client.

We are here for you, every step of the way! If you want to get your creative juices flowing, click on the image below and explore our business inspiration gallery!

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